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Mikalor Hose Clamps
2-Medium Pressure


W512 mm S-Band Worm-Drive Hose Clip

The ASFA-S W5 hose clip combines an innovative housing, a sturdy 12mm band and is made entirely of AISI- 316 stainless steel. The coldformed stamped band thread, smoothed on the underside, combined with beveled bandedges protects the hose from any damage. The ASFA-S W5 hose clip complies fully with the DIN 3017 norm and also with the RoHs directive EU 20032/95/EC dated 1st July 2006. Crafted entirely from AISI-316 stainless steel, this clip is ideally for use in the marine, petrochemical and foodstuffs sectors, where only the highest quality Stainless steel is acceptable due to the extreme application conditions.